Sites for FGJ 2014 and Finnish Game Jam ry are up!

The site for Finnish Game Jam 2014 is up and running, so to keep up to date of the next big game jamming event, visit!

We also have a new site for Finnish Game Jam ry, a site that will function as an information channel about our organization, all of our events and activity. Pay a visit to

ASM FGJ ’13 over, thank you to participants!

The first Assembly game jam pilot project was a success: about 30 people jammed during the event, and 6 games were finished. Big thanks to all participants!

This was the first time that a game jam was arranged as part of the Assembly program, but it won’t be the last: plans are already in motion to take the pilot and make it into an annual tradition.

Download the games from Assembly news and check out some photos from here.

Finnish Game Jam and Assembly present: ASM FGJ ‘13

Attention all jammers! Finnish Game Jam is running a game jam at Assembly Summer ‘13. This first Assembly game jam, or ASM FGJ, will be a small pilot project of about 20 jammers. If all goes well, it might become a tradition.

The game jam is open for everyone, but due to the limited size, we will only be able to fit in the fastest ones to sign up. At the moment we still have a couple of seats left, so if you act quickly you might have a chance to be involved in this historical event. To sign up and for more information, contact as soon as possible.

Assembly Summer ‘13 will be organized on 1st-4th of August in Helsinki:

Finnish Game Jam ry on aloittanut toimintansa 1.7.2013

(Sorry, only in Finnish)

Suomen laajinta pelinkehitystapahtumaa järjestävä taho järjestäytyi yhdistykseksi.

Finnish Game Jam pelinkehitystapahtuma järjestetään ensi vuonna jo viidettä kertaa. Osana kansainvälistä Global Game Jam -­tapahtumaa, Finnish Game Jam on kasvanut Suomen laajimmalle levittäytyneeksi pelinkehitystapahtumaksi. Tämän vuoden tammikuussa yli 500 pelialan ammattilaista ja harrastajaa otti osaa pelinkehittämiseen 12 eri paikkakunnalla aina Helsingistä Rovaniemelle. Tuloksena oli yli 130 alle 48 tunnissa kehitettyä digi­- ja lautapeliä. Continue reading

Feedback survey and Jammers’ Favorite voting

The game jam is over, but there is still stuff to do! We are now collecting feedback from the event, and the voting of the Jammers’ Favorite game is ongoing.

Feedback from everyone somehow involved in the game jam is welcome, whether you were a jammer, an organizer, or a visitor at any of the locations. Go to the survey and help us improve the event!

In regards to Jammers Favorite, only jammers can vote. The voting instructions have been sent via email to jammers. If you haven’t received an email, please contact kati.alha[a] and let us know which location you participated in.

Over 500 jammers in Finland

This year, Finnish Game Jam was organized in twelve locations: Helsinki, Kajaani, Kouvola, Kotka, Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Pohjois-Karjala, Rovaniemi, Satakunta, Tampere, and Turku. Altogether 513 jammers participated in Finnish sites, exceeding all expectations. The jammers are now sweating with just a few minutes before the deadline, and then start uploading the games to the Global Game Jam website.