What is a game jam?

Finnish Game Jam

Finnish Game Jam (FGJ) is a part of the Global Game Jam, a collaboration between several Finnish jamming sites. In 2010, Finland took part in the Global Game Jam for the first time with three locations and has grown each year since then.

In 2013 there are as many as eleven locations! Game design students, hobbyist, and professional developers all alike are welcome to take part in our national jamming sessions! The game jam takes place on 25th–27th of January 2013.

What is a Game Jam?

A Game Jam brings together all types of game developers, amateurs, professionals and students to innovate new games in a single weekend. Participants work in small teams, racing to produce as complete a game as possible with limited time and resources, but unlimited creativity. It’s a rollercoaster from the beginning to the end!

Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam is a worldwide event, in which several Game Jams are organized all over the world at the same time. The event lasts 48 hours, starting on January 25th at 17:00 GMT+13 (06:00 EST) in New Zealand and then at 17:00 local time in each time zone. All Global Game Jam sites have the same theme and the same series of constraints, which are revealed just before the beginning of the jamming.

The first GGJ was held in 2009 with over 1600 participants in 23 countries, producing 370 games. The event has grown each year, and in 2012 the number of participants increased to over 10000 with over 2100 finished games.

GGJ is a volunteer run organization, created in collaboration between Susan Gold, Gorm Lai and Ian Schrieber. Do not hesitate to visit the GGJ website where you can find more information about the GGJ and browse and download any of the games from the previous game jams.