FGJ Helsinki

Location: Activity Center Happi
Attendance capacity: 65
Open for everyone: Yes (K16)
Catering: TBA
Site open for 48 hours: Yes
Possibility to sleep on site: TBA
Address: Sörnäisten Rantatie 31


FGJ Helsinki is held at Activity Centre Happi. Happi focuses on culture and media. It offers facilities for doing theatre, photographing, making music and films, game development, doing radio programmes, writing articles in national media and for organizing events – among other things.

Pizza’s will be sponsored by
There is a good buzz and an inspiring atmosphere in the building whole year long. Happi has four floors of space full of creative energy, thus it is the perfect environment for an innovative event like Finnish Game Jam 2013!

Organizing team:

Vesa Raudasoja – Main Coordinator
Anna Permala – Contact Person, Media
Noora Heiskanen – Hostess
Stella Härkönen – Premises & Security
Pauliina Högman – Info Desk Coordinator
Kosti Rytkönen – Technician
Lauri Pirttimäki – Video Technician
Tuomas Soittu – Chief of Nightwatch
Kati Holstikko – Nightwatch
Henri Vuorenmaa – Nightwatch