Live stream from Helsinki

There are interesting discussions streamed from Helsinki, check it out:


Global Game Jam 2013 Theme!

All time zones are now jamming, so it’s time to reveal the theme! Previously the theme has been a sentence, a word, an image – and this time it’s again something completely new. The theme committee wanted to connect the world with something “truly international”. Here it is!

Yes, the theme is the sound of the heart beat! Of course, our FGJ jammers have been working with this for a while now, can’t wait to see the games!

We are LIVE!

Finnish Game Jam has kicked off! Follow streams from various locations from Ustream: There is also a Twitter wall where you can see what’s happening in Finland and around the world: Noteworthy is also the all-new GGJ radio, streaming away through the global event! You might want to tune it in at least on Saturday at 8PM to 9PM, when the program comes from Tampere, Finland!

Check other ways to follow and communicate with us from the LIVE page.

The diversifiers are online

The Global Game Jam 2013 diversifiers have been published. This year, there are things like “Stay Inside The Box”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, and “10 little pigs”. See what these mean and the full list from the GGJ site.

Unlike the theme, diversifiers are completely voluntary, and all teams may choose and pick any of them, or many of them, as they like. There are no points given for using the diversifiers; they simply aim to diversify the games and give extra motivation to more experienced teams. So if you’re a team of first-time jammers with still little experience on game development, it might be better to focus on the primary constraint, the theme.

Suddenly, a wild location appears!

Just in time before the registration closed last night, we had yet one more addition to our already-quite-impressive amount of locations. There is now a full dozen of locations involved in Finnish Game Jam 2013.

Ladies and gentlemen, give a big hand to the new most-likely northernmost GGJ location of the world: FGJ Rovaniemi!

Over 500!!

The last couple of days have been busy with last-minute registrations, and we now have already over 500 registered jammers. That’s half a thousand people!

Still time to sign in and make us even bigger! The registration will be closed at midnight today.

Last day to register!

Today is the last day to sign up for Finnish Game Jam 2013. Note that the registration will be closed at midnight, so don’t push your decision to the small hours!

Some of the sites are currently full or almost full, but you can still register to any location. If that location is at its maximum capacity, you will be placed in a queue, and with luck you still have a chance to get in.

Registeration open until Monday

The game jam is approaching quickly, but there is still time to sign up! There is now about a week left: the registration will be open until Monday, 21st of January. However, some sites may reach their limits before that (and indeed some already have), so don’t wait until the last moment!